A lost town in the woods is something that was dreamt of by Tim Burton in his 2003 fantasy tall tale film, "Big Fish." But according to one resident who once lived in Clarksville, MI, there may have been something similar near Morrison Lake, which hosts two different towns. Saranac is located on one side of the lake, and Clarksville is on the other side. Brian A. brought this to the attention of people who are a part of the Michigan History group and actually got the answer he was looking for:

When I was a kid exploring the lake area in the early 80’s we found a small town in a woods. We assumed it might be a migrant town or something. I remember an open sided church, housing and some small out buildings & one of the buildings had a sign that said Texas City General Store on it. I did a satellite image and put a red circle around the woods I’m talking about. I’ve been told it’s all been torn down now. Does anyone have any information?
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Not Exactly A Town

It isn't as flashy, but indeed there were houses in the woods, which once were bunched together. But as you can tell in the photo below, many of the trees have been cleared out. Greggory R. provided some insight into what was REALLY in these woods:

The area was seasonal migrant housing most likely provided by Jack Rhoads that lived on breezy point. My father in law stocked Mexican food when they were in the area. Texas city was tongue in cheek. Jack was quite the guy but I never knew him. It was over by the mid seventies.
Apparently back in the 60's the wooded area had a two track road and a sign that read, "Texas City. Migrant," before ending sometime in the 70's. It's a shame there aren't any photos of the small town before being torn down.

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