Kalamazoo is known as a city that runs. Not only are we on the map for our amazing annual marathon, but every charity event seems to be connected with some sort of 5k, 10k, color run, etc. Now, if you're like me, you want to help out... but... you binge watch Netflix more than you run. Never fear; the .1k is here...

The .1k is a run to help Hospice Care of Southwest Michigan. When you register for this EXTREME event, you'll get cool running gear, bragging rights, and time left over in your day to catch up on Supernatural. It's a great cause and a LOT of fun. Mark your calendars for September 23rd, get a team of fun-loving shenaniganizers together, and get all the info you need below.

New to the .1k? That kind of distance can be daunting to the novice. I've got 5 Tips for the Perfect .1K to help you get through it!

Bonus Video: The .1K is Not NEARLY as Exhausting as This


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