The 6th annual Wine Not? Winter Wine festival is just around the corner. This festival celebrates all things wine by bringing everyone's favorite wineries from around Michigan and across the country to one place. So what do you do if your a beer lover? We have you covered with the list wines to try based on your favorite types of beer. With more than 125 varieties of wine on tap, see what I did there ;), you are sure to find at least few to please even the snobbiest of beer connoisseurs.


If your beer of choice is…

  • Sour Beers
    Try a red or white Burgundy. Why: They are similarly about hedonistic, earthy notes; boast a lively acidity; and are rich in bright, sour notes, derived from the limestone soil.
  • Belgian-Style Wheat Beers
    Grab a buttery Chardonnay. Why: Wheat beer drinkers will love Chardonnay’s similarities: round, cozy, golden-hued, and creamy in texture.
  • Malty Pale Ales
    Give it a go with Merlot. Why: Velvety Merlot mimics the malty notes in a Pale Ale. A Pale Ale always seems to be the perfect middle ground on so many characteristics. Merlot is also right in the middle with balanced dryness, fruitiness, and weight.
  • Stouts
    Tip a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon. Why: The lovers of chocolate, oatmeal, and vanilla stouts will gravitate toward Cabernet’s big fruits, richer texture, and roundness, due to its (usual) heavier oak influence.


So beer drinkers, grab those tickets. Because it will sell out, like it has every year before. There will be over 125 different varieties of wine, educational classes with wine and food pairings, meet and greets with the winemakers, and live music. If that is not enough reason to attend the 6th Annual Wine Not? Winter Wine festival, proceeds from the event will benefit Miles For Memories. An organization that helps create solutions for those impacted by dementia and Alzheimer's through movement, programming and research.

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