There's so much to do during Summer in Michigan that I've decided to put together an official  2017 Bucket List so I make sure I do the "Musts" this year.  Now I've got 10 but I'm thinking I need, at least, 10 more.  So, check out my list and let me know what NOT to miss or throw in some of your favorites that I might not even know about.

New York's Coney Island Opens For The Summer Season
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

- Weekends in South Haven and Saugatuck.

- Get to DTE (try and get tickets to Seger)

- Craft Beer Crawl Downtown Kalamazoo

- Get a Vanilla/Chocolate Twist at Frosty Boy on Gull

- Tigers Day Game

- Feed the ducks at Milham Park

- Get a double cheeseburger at West Lake Drive- In

- Stand on a dock on Omena Lake in Sturgis at 3am and shout: "Look at all the F%*cking Stars"!!! (It's Tradition).

- Check out the new water rides at Michigan's Adventure.

- Go down Dr. Nick's Water Slide into West Lake. (It's probably 40 feet down to the lake)

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