These days it's hard to be optimistic about most things.  Nevertheless, life goes on but probably not like it has in the past.  In fact, some "crystal ballers" are saying that life will never be the same again; not even close.  We'll be looking back to the "before days" prior to 2020.  Whatever the situation happens to be we'll just have to make the best of it.  So when Summer finally gets here, that's just what we'll do.

According to the CPC or Climate Prediction Center at NOAA or National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association, Michigan's Summer is going to be very nice.  We're supposed to have slightly warmer temperatures than a typical Michigan Summer.  As for rain, it looks like June and July could have slightly more than average but won't get to the ppint of causing excess flooding.  OK then.  Bring Summer on as quickly as possible and we'll enjoy it in whatever way we can under the new circumstances.

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