You know those D-Bags that wait until the last second to merge?  They may actually be doing it right.  We've been there when the highway is posted to go down to one lane and cars come racing past to try and get to the front faster.  If you like me, you're not letting those bastards in!!!

Well, according to the DOT in Kansas and Colorado, those SOBs are doing it right!  It's known as the "zipper merge" method which I'm well aware of.  And if you've gotten on 131 at Stadium Drive to go South, you have to use the zipper method.  I'm fine with that because it's always that way and you must make it work to get up to speed on the highway.  But when you see a sign that says: "Left lane closed 2 miles", that's a different ballgame and you better get your ass over asap!!!  Wow!  I'm getting "blog rage"!!!

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