Now that retail outlets for recreational marijuana are as close as Battle Creek, many people who already partake are more satisfied with the situation.  But what about the people who've never tried pot and are curious now that it's legal.  From what we've found, many of those aren't exactly sure they want to smoke it as they've never smoked anything before which is understandable.  While we all drink liquids, some people might not drink alcohol.  The only other option to satisfy their curiosity would be edibles.

In an article on, some of the differences between smoking it and eating it were laid out.  If you want to try marijuana, and you’re debating whether to inhale or ingest the product, the way it affects your body may be the deciding factor.  To put it simply, smoking marijuana causes a faster high, a faster peak and, therefore, lasts for a shorter amount of time.  Eating marijuana is a different story.  After an edible is ingested, it is broken down in the stomach by acids and enzymes. The THC enters the bloodstream through the digestive tract and passes through the liver before circulating through the body and reaching the brain.  Eating marijuana is a more gradual high that can last hours as the high ebbs and flows.  I'm sure the folks behind the counter will will be able to answer many if not all of your questions.

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