I'm not exactly sure how to approach telling you this. Football field goal kickers are one of those love/hate things. It starts with the age old argument of whether kickers are even athletes, and extends into how you let everything in a hard fought football game come down to a kick. Both are great bar arguments, but here's something that might change the way you think of one particular kicker.

Budweiser is doing an interesting promotion with its Bud Light beer. Apparently it's a contest between between Detroit Lions kicker Matt Prater and Denver Broncos kicker Brandon McManus. But here's where it's interesting. It's appears the contest is limited to Detroit and Denver. Which is great for the east side of the state, but what about the rest of us, and the rest of the country?

And this promotion came about after McManus said he wanted to break the all-time record for longest field goal this season, which, oh by the way, was kicked by Prater. (64 years, for you who are keeping score.) His personal best is 57 yards, but how many times have you heard TV announcers say, some kicker was kicking them from 70 yards in pre-game.

So the way this reads, neither kicker has to beat the record, they just have to do the longer kick between the two of them.

Detroit Lions v Indianapolis Colts
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Okay, here's where I overthink this. Is MLCC okay with this?...This is a fun idea until COVID-19 wipes out the entire season...Doesn't Denver have an advantage with the thinner air?....But then, Detroit plays more than half their games indoors....And, I can't wait for the last game of the season, if this does happen, and then, a double-doink and no free beer to drown your sorrows.

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