How often do you hear "I appreciate you"? Theo & Stacy's is putting their money where their mouth is and closing for a week to give everyone a paid vacation.

We've seen so many stories lately of how restaurants are struggling to find good workers to fill positions. Hours are sometimes limited and your quality of service may vary. (That doesn't mean you shouldn't tip.) Some are even closing earlier or altogether for a short time to give everyone a break. Theo & Stacy's has said "challenge accepted," and is giving the entire staff a week off- paid in full. A Facebook post reads,

Theo & Stacy's would like to thank all our amazing team members who have worked tirelessly to maintain a safe environment for our customers while providing quality food and service! To show our gratitude to our team members, we will be closed the week of August 8-15 for a company wide vacation. Each team member will receive a week paid vacation during the time off as appreciation for their hard work. Thank you to all our customers for yoru support!


The customers love it!

  • So cool for a business to take care of their employees like this!!
  • This is this.
  • Love Theo and Stacey's.
  • Amazing! Valuing employees is so important!
  • Bravo!
  • This is awesome! It makes me want to eat at your restaurant all the more in the future! Enjoy!
  • Outstanding!!! Thanks for taking care of your employees
  • Amazingly kind gesture!
  • What a nice thing to do. Wish we were appreciated like that!
  • Way to keep it classy, Theo and Stacy's! Looking forward to eating there soon.

This comment may have summed it up the best:

“Philotimo “ The word philotimo comes from the Greek root words “filos,” meaning friend, and “timi,” meaning honor. ... Philotimo encompasses the concepts of pride in self, pride in family, pride in community, and doing the right thing.
…… and there you go !

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