Want video evidence to prove what you already know, that Michigan has some of the nation's worst roads? Take a look at this video from the Michigan/Indiana state line along Interstate 94.

The video begins in LaPorte, Indiana and quickly crosses the border into New Buffalo, Michigan. The jarring video shows the pothole-filled rumble-strip quality of the highway once the driver has left the Hoosier state.

The video, recorded on March 17, 2018, has been viewed more than half-a-million times. And has generated quite a few comments:

Hey don’t complain we are pay more gas tax to bring such vigorous roads .. and you get your recommended cardio..

Part of the problem is because we allow trucks to carry heavier loads than most other states. They are supposed to get permits for it-we all know how great state agencies are for checking on these types of things, and there are no meaningful consequences for violations. So basically big trucks are also eating our rotten roads.

That must be the only good road in Indiana because the rest of them horrible!!

This isn’t always the case. Leaving Indiana on the bypass going to Michigan (between South Bend and Niles -Editor) is the other way around

MI use to be known for some of the best infrastructure in the country at one point.

soooo true. And that part of I94 in SW MI looks light years better than the Detroit area!!!

Michigan roads are absolute trash my truck hits potholes so hard that my stereo stops working for a few seconds

We live in the north where the roads freeze and un thaw. There are potholes everywhere that happens.

That's about it, SMH... if you like that road don't come to the UP haha

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