The sign stealing scandal will be with the Houston Astros all season.  As they played their first spring game on the road, Tigers fans let Astros players hear it throughout the game. 

According to Yahoo Sports, the Astros played the Tigers in Lakeland and fans booed players Jose Altuve, Alex Bregman and Carlos Correa.

This will be the reaction from baseball fans to many of the Astros players through out baseball this season.

Boos and possibly players being hit by a pitch will be how the game deals with the players from the Astros.

Altuve was hit by a pitch by Tigers reliever Nick Ramirez, but it was ruled not intentional.   The game ended with a win for the Astros who beat the Tigers 11-1.

The Tigers will play the Astros again on the road in spring training on March 9th.   The next chance for Tigers fans to boo the Astros will be in the regular season when the Astros are at Comerica Park, August 25th through August 27th.

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