Last place seems to be where many think the Tigers will be again this season.  One latest projection has the team having a much better season this year.

According to the story from M-Live,  the PECOTA projections used by Baseball Prospectus released their 2020 projections and it is actually a good number for the Tigers.

PECOTA has the Tigers finishing ahead of three teams in the American League.  The Tigers are predicted to finish with 69 wins which will be a major improvement on last season.

The win total sees the Tigers finishing ahead of the Kansas City Royals in the Central division along with a better record than Seattle and Baltimore.

This is a lot better than where USA Today sees the Tigers finishing this year.   Last year PECOTA had the Tigers at 67 wins and they were way below that.   Let us hope there is some improvement this year.    The number could change as PECOTA predictions are based on rosters and playing time.

Spring Training begins this week with the first game scheduled for February 22nd in Lakeland.

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