Pictured below is the house in Detroit where Tom Selleck spent his toddler-hood. He was born in Detroit in 1948, and his house was located on Lakepointe Street. The family wasn't there long, however...when Tom was three years old, they moved to California. Little did they know that this would be the turning point in little three-year-old Tom's life.

After graduating high school, Tom attended the University of Southern California and played basketball for the USC Trojans. When a drama coach coaxed him to try acting, that was it. He studied at the Beverly Hills Playhouse, and soon made his first TV appearance on The Dating Game in 1965.

After a stint in the National Guard (1967-1973), he made a good handful of commercials, including Ban Basic, Close-Up Toothpaste, Dubonnet, Pepsi, Right Guard Deodorant, and Safeguard Soap, among others.

Bit parts in movies followed until he began starring in western films. After missing out on the role of Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark, his iconic role of “Magnum P.I.” began in 1980. Tom had already been cast as Indy, but CBS told him he couldn't do both the movie and TV show, so he told Steven Spielberg he had to turn down the “Raiders” role. If that wasn't bad enough, through a series of incidents, he found out later he could have done both.

He still makes numerous TV and film appearances to this day.

Currently, the neighborhood near Wayne Elementary School where Tom's old house still stands is becoming victim to deterioration.

Take a look at some photos of his Michigan home below, followed by a handful of old TV commercials Tom did in the 1970s!


Aretha Franklin's Childhood Michigan Home

Thomas Edison's Port Huron Home


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