Happy Amazon Prime Day everyone!

Lots of great deals on line when you shop through Amazon but unlike most of you who shop for more common sense items, I always like to take a different approach when it comes to prime steals and deals. I like to dig a little deeper for stuff I don't need but must have. So with that, the top 5 "Odd Must Haves" from Amazon:

5) Only a communist wouldn't want to own a Fart Bubble Blower 😊

4) Foam Butts: Not a lot needs to be said...its a butt...its close to Halloween. Pull the trigger.

3) When is the last time you saw a really good puppet show? I know RIGHT? Well its time for you to purchase the Little Penis Finger Puppet Book and create your own puppet show to fulfill a void in the entertainment industry.

2) Who hasn't turned the house upside down looking for their lucky Boob Socks to put on before heading to the big meeting at the office? Don't get caught without them.

1) Who hasn't ever exclaimed "I need a face mask for my butt".  Wait...just me? Okay, well stop neglecting your bum and get cheeky with this Algae Butt Mask.  It will definitely make you feel way more confident when you start to get low...low...low at the club.



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