In a vote that's sure to get some Irish ire fired up, readers of Business Insider have named Notre Dame's famed 'Touchdown Jesus' building as the ugliest in the state of Indiana.

The building on the Notre Dame campus in South Bend, well known to college football fans, is actually a library: The Hesburgh Library. It was constructed in 1963 and known then as Memorial Library. And that mural on the facade that overlooks Notre Dame Stadium? Its proper title is "The Word of Life" but earned its more popular monicker of Touchdown Jesus.

Father Hesburgh suggested that the mural's theme should "be saints and scholars through the ages."

The artwork cost $200,000 and was donated by Mr. and Mrs. Howard V. Phalin of Winnetka, Illinois. Installation took place in the spring of 1964; the dedication ceremony was held on May 7, 1964. The mural is composed of 324 panels. Its creation employed 81 different stones from 16 countries in 171 finishes that included 46 granites and syenites, 10 gabros and labradorites, 4 metamorphic gneisses, 12 serpentines, 4 crystalline marbles, and 5 limestones.

Is it really fair to name Touchdown Jesus as the ugliest building in Indiana - a state that has a water tower with comic sans lettering: America's Most Ridiculed Water Tower?

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