How to you get from A to B? Pass through Michigan. That's what cyclist Paul Perry did in 2004 when traveling from Å, a village in Norway to Bee, a village in Nebraska.

The trip, chronicled on his website describes his route which did indeed pass through Michigan. Paul Parry describes his trip:

In 2004 I traveled the most talked about journey in the world - from A to B. Literally. I cycled around 5600 miles from A in Norway to B in Nebraska, USA. It was a very very long way (especially for someone who doesn’t like cycling). I pedaled through Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, then from New York up into Canada, and back into the USA at Detroit, across to Chicago, further West through Iowa, and finally into Nebraska and B.

Perry stated that after he crossed into Michigan at Detroit his trip through Michigan, Ohio and Indiana was "nothing but small towns and farmland." The full trip from Å to Bee was about 5600 miles.

[h/t r/TIL]

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