act Since she got in, she's been collecting cans, she started a cookie and candle fundraiser, and she's been playing her ukulele to raise any kind of money towards her passion. When she stopped last week to play her ukulele, a stranger apparently came up and did something amazing:

Not ten minutes after she sat down a woman came and gave her $402! She started bawling immediately and we were both crying all the way home. I cannot even express how it felt to watch her try and comprehend that level of generosity from a complete stranger -and how encouraging it was for this little girl to pursue her dreams.
Kind stranger, wherever you are, please know you are now a formative memory for this child and you've altered her worldview for the better forever. Thank you so much.
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She was so moved that the wave of emotions were too much and continued to show her appreciation for the community of Holland days after this incredible act took place:
To say that I am overwhelmed by these responses is an understatement. I thought I was done crying yesterday but the flood gates have opened and I am just so incredibly grateful to be a part of this amazing community. I've lived many places but I so proud to call northern Michigan home. Thank you all. I can't wait until Betty comes home so she can read all of your kind words. Thank you so much.
Traverse City, keep setting the bar and doing what you're doing.

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