The next time you're in Traverse City, there is one site you MUST check out that's filled with all the colors visible to the human eye. In order to embark on this adventure the first thing you need to do is go to the Traverse City State Hospital. Once you're there feel free to check out the Old Asylum on one of their tours. It's got a lot of cool history and some sweet abandoned buildings on the site. But the main attraction is finding the legendary Hippy Tree in the middle of the woods behind the state hospital.

The Hippy Tree is cursed with rumors and legends about the several spirits and reports of otherworldly happenings which are said to occur at the site of the tree. To begin your journey, head to Left Foot Charley, a winery behind the hospital. Head up Yellow Dr. There the parking lot will turn into dirt as you head towards the woods and come upon what I call, The Graffiti House:


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The Colorful Adventure of Finding Traverse City's Hippy Tree

If you've been lucky enough to make it or plan to, leaves you with some helpful information:

It is said that when visiting the tree if one leaves a contribution of their own to the collection they will be granted a fragment of the mad enlightenment for which the tree was named. One must, therefore, be certain that this is their desire, for such revelations rarely leave one unchanged.

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