I've seen some interesting races in my life, but I don't think anything comes close to what they do up in Trenary, Michigan every winter. The races they hold up there make the push cart derby in Cool Runnings look like kids stuff. Every winter, people in the Upper Peninsula fashion fun, strange and interesting outhouses, attach them to skis and race them in front of the whole town in the annual Trenary Outhouse Classic.

For one day each year this small town comes alive as people build and race their own outhouses down the main street. The event draws thousands of visitors and residents of all ages outside to break the monotony of winter with a big street party. One visitor explained the entry fee, which goes right back into the community of Trenary:

What an amazing and fun event, done on the last Saturday of February every year. They build outhouses, put them on skis, and race them down the snow track. It's a $5 donation/day to enter, $3 if you purchase pins beforehand. If out of the area, they will mail them to you.

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How The Trenary Outhouse Classic Began

Back in 1994, the first outhouse race event was held and continued to be an annual event all the way up until 2020. In 2021,due to the MDHHS regulations, they were unable to hold their event, however, the 2022 race is one and set for February 26th, as every year, the event is held on the last Saturday in February. They recently released images of the event apparel they'll be selling as well. If you go and take photos, feel free to send them our way.

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