You know...I joke that Facebook is always listening. However, their targeted advertising works a little too well sometimes.

Over the weekend, I was served a sponsored ad on Facebook saying,

Kalamazoo is turning into a giant city-wide detective day experience...

Well, as someone who listens to true crime podcasts, watches true crime television shows, and in general is always interested in discussing true crime, this caught my attention.

It turns out to be a very legitimate experience offered from CluedUpp Games where you and a team of 5 others will follow clues, city-wide, to catch the Kalamazoo Ripper. The Ripper has claimed 3 victims and it'll be up to you to help stop him (or her) before another person falls by his hands. It sounds like a great group activity that can remain socially distanced for those who are still being cautious.

Some useful things to know if you plan to take part in this adventure:

  • Tickets are $51
  • Each ticket covers your entire team of 6 people. Those 16 and under are free
  • On average, it takes 2-3 hours to solve the mystery
  • You'll take part of the experience using an app on your phone
  • The event takes place September 18th, 2021

You'll also be competing with fellow teams in the area. According to their website, there are only about 8 team tickets left so if you know that you and your friends will love this, I wouldn't wait on snagging that ticket.

CluedUPP Games will also be awarding prizes for a number of categories like fastest team, best team picture, best team name and so on. No word on what the actual prizes include.

For all other information, including other cities where this event may be taking place, can be found on CluedUPP's website or Facebook page.

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