We know to watch out for animals anytime we're driving the backroads of Michigan. The Kalamazoo County Road Commission recently shared a good reminder about some of the smaller creatures we should be on the lookout for.

It's obvious when a deer is in the roadway. Likely the same for a squirrel. But can you say the same for turtles? The small amphibious creatures do cross our roads all the time. This image, shared on Facebook by the Kalamazoo County Road Commission gives a good comparison on just how small these little dudes can be.

Look at the size compared to the construction helmet.

Those commenting on the photos have good advice to pass along as well:

And if you move them off the road- move in the direction they were going!

And don't take them home as pets. They will be miserable.

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I can recall several times moving turtles from the roadway. The most foolish one I attempted was to stop on an interstate offramp to assist a little guy. Probably not the best choice, but there were no cars passing in the time I took to move the turtle along so alls well that ends well there.

A little more harrowing was a large turtle encountered while driving in St Joseph County near the state line on Fawn River Road. We stopped, but the turtle was too large. A farmer saw what we were doing and lent a hand.

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