Michigan has always been a hotbed for UFO sightings and the paranormal in general, but in the last few days, there has been a serious uptick in strange things happening here in West Michigan.

Just the other morning multiple residents claimed to hear some kind of whirling and pulsing sound coming from the sky in the Kalamazoo area. The sound could be heard near KL and Drake all the way over to Vine and even down near the airport in Portage. Now according to, someone in Battle Creek, Michigan, they caught what appears to be a flying saucer over in Pennfield by the Family Fare.

Blii Blizzy apparently took the photos outside of the apartments that are near there and capture two images. One in particular looks like a flying saucer when you zoom in on it.

There are some that are saying that it is just a drone while others say it was way too high in the sky for a drone. Is anybody else experiencing strange phenomena in the area? Because they aren't the only ones to have seen this apparently, according to another person who commented on the post:

Also seen over Burnham hovering over water towers at 5:15pm yesterday too big to be a drone

There IS a drone out there that does look like a flying saucer, but as you can see from the photos of any flying saucer-modeled drone, the bottom looks quite different in the photos. Did you witness this sighting...and do you believe?

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