Well the NFL season is now over for the Detroit Lions, and ended in a heartbreaker, but surely an heir of confidence and pride has been washed over Lions fans this year, that hasn't been felt in some time. In fact, there have been some pretty amazing stories during this historic run from fans.

But one of the most unique fan stories doesn’t come from Michigan. In fact, it doesn’t even come from the United States. This is about a Lions fan from across the pond, in the United Kingdom. 

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On a Detroit Lions Fan page with more than 68,000 members, tributes, and love for the Lions have been pouring in from all across the country, and a few from abroad as well. But one stuck out in particular from a man in London, whose Lions fandom can be traced back to a trip he took with his parents to Ireland, and a man who inevitably made him a Lions fan for life. 

Alan Bolchover wrote that he is a UK Citizen, based in London, and during a specific trip in 1985, he ran across a family that would change his life forever. They took a group tour boat and horse riding tour of the Ring of Kerry, and during the second part of the tour, he was put in a horse and cart with a family from Detroit. 

“And on that journey - in the summer of 1985 – I was told all about the majesty of Lions Football and given a Lions Cap. I was thrilled – and I have never looked back. Despite all the ups and downs (mainly the downs) - I have always followed, pulling many all-nighters. And I have built a strong affiliation for the town and people of Detroit.” 

Now, nearly 39 years later, Bolchover is attempting to find the man who inspired his fandom, and asking the internet to try and find him, or his family, so that he might be able to thank them for what they’ve done for him. 

“This is my opportunity to chance my arm, throw a Hail mary, and ask whether you are from Detroit and your family was in Kerry in the mid-80s. I remember the Dad had a moustache and was around 30 – which would make him around 70 now.” 

Who knows if this man still lives in the Detroit area, or even if he is alive, still. But he was in Ireland with his family, so even if he is sadly no longer with us, maybe his family will remember the day their father changed this soon-to-be Lions fan’s life forever. 

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