In what's been labeled a must win season for Lions' GM and coach Bob Quinn and Matt Patricia, here's a distraction that they probably could do without.

WXYZ-TV in Detroit reports that an Atlanta Falcons fan website says the Falcons could be playing in London and the Lions could be one of two possible opponents, along with the Denver Broncos. and it predicts it will be the Broncos.

The Falcons are signed up for an international game next year, which we’ve known for a little while now. What we don’t know is where and when it’s going to be, but we’re getting a little closer to finding out every week. Season ticket holder and Falcons superfan @WonderJaye on Twitter was kind enough to share some notes from a season ticker holder call on Thursday night....Per the call and WonderJaye, the game will be in the first couple of weeks of October, will more than likely be in London, and the potential opponents on the table are the Broncos and Lions. - The Falcoholic




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