Lori Moore is a name longtime residents of Kalamazoo should know, with her involvement with the radio station at the end of Jennings Drive here off Gull Rd. with WKMI. She was directly involved in creating the yearly Do Dah Parade, but how did it all REALLY begin?

She recently shared a story that shows just how goofy and fun the parade is supposed to be, finally telling the story of how it came together:
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Back in the early 80's when I had the great pleasure of working with "Holiday & King" at WKMI, I gently suggested (ahem)that "The Miss Skimpy Contest" wasn't an acceptable radio station promotion. First they made it equal opportunity to include "The Mr. Tush Contest", then mercifully chucked the whole thing. What to do? "Borrow" from Pasadena! Did they own the rights? It's easier to ask forgiveness than to get permission, and thus Kalamazoo's "Do Dah Parade" was born.

Organizing A Farce

As the organizer and casting director, you have no idea how hard it was to explain to some people what parody meant. You have no idea how pissed the serious people were at me. But those that got it, really got it and we had a huge number of entries.

Ya So...About Mine...

When it came time for the parade, her and the staff decided to give out free t-shirts to all the entrants who signed up to participate. They were "seconds" from the late, great Walter John. As Bob King and I were handing them out, a kid asked if he could have another one.
"One per customer!", Bob chided.
"But mine doesn't have a head hole."
We laughed our asses off. It was so Do Dah!
If this isn't the true meaning of the parade I don't know what is. What a classic way to start one of the most unhinged and fun events we take part in all year.

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