Meteorites, earthquakes, and bombogenesis, oh my. Do you think Mother Nature is trying to tell us something? These 5 weird weather-related events are odd things we never thought we'd see in Michigan.

When a meteorite streaked across the sky on January 16, Michiganders freaked out a little. I mean, Michigan weather can be unpredictable, but we're not used to things falling out of the sky. That meteorite is not the strangest phenomenon to hit Michigan; recall these 5 incredibly uncommon weather-related occurrences we almost never see in the Great Lakes State.

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    Michigan Meteor

    Some thought it was lightning, at first. An explosion in the sky in January 2018 was actually a meteor streaking across the Michigan landscape.

  • Tomislav Zivkovic
    Tomislav Zivkovic

    The Great Earthquake of 2015

    O.K., so the earthquake wasn't so mighty, measuring a mere 4.2 on the Richter scale, but most people who felt it on May 2, 2015, remember it because we've never felt anything like it in the Mitten.

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    We learned about bombogenesis in October of 2017 as an October storm cause temperatures to plummet and waves to rise as high a 30' driven by 70+ mph winds.

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    Snow Tornado

    It sounds like the latest low-budget Sy-Fy movie but a snow tornado actually developed over Lake Michigan near Traverse City in December of 2017.

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    Getty Images

    The Eclipse

    Not limited to Michigan and much more pronounced in other parts of the country, an eclipse is still a once-in-a-lifetime weird weather-related event.

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