It was some two years in the making, interrupted by a pandemic, but it all worked out great for Portage's Jim Barringer, the winner of the WRKR Rocker Classic Car, a 1980 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am.

Originally intended to be given away in 2020, the car was scouted by 'RKR Legend Mike McKelly and by Butler Body Shop's Jeff Butler, who found this candidate in Kentucky. Then, the Butler team went to work on it. and it was ready to rock. And then the pandemic hit. So it sat at Butler in Coldwater, waiting for a new home.

As our lives got back closer to normal. we felt safe to start the annual contest. Starting in late June at the Gilmore Car Museum, with a Van Halen tribute band playing at its coming out party, the giveaway began. We took it here, we took it there, and so many of your came out to sign up.

Many entrants referred to it as "my car", all in good fun, but also with a dream and a fantasy waiting to be fulfilled. The winner of a previous Classic Car showed up at the final signup event last Thursday. Her Oldsmobile Cutlass looking fine.

Finally the day came, last Friday morning. A name was drawn by WRKR Market El Presidente Mary Fork, and even though she couldn't read Benson's handwriting (who can?), Jim Barringer figured out it was his name he was hearing on The Rocker.  Staying calm, he called, and he was the winner of the Rocker Classic Car.

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The WRKR Rocker Classic Car is Picked Up By Its Winner, James Barringer of Portage.

WRKR Classic Car is Picked Up By Contest Winner James Barringer of Portage, Michigan.

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