The Crossroads Mall in Portage where Art Van used to be gets a new store as Value City Furniture opens this week. Here's hoping they last longer than Love's.

More good news as we're talking about another business grand opening rather than a permanent closure. The building at 550 Ring Road, near the Crossroads Mall, will be opening on January 20 as Value City Furniture. Many people will remember this location best as Art Van Furniture.

Art Van had their final final liquidation sale (no, it was not held over by popular demand) and suddenly closed in March of 2020. By May, rumors were circulating that another furniture store was moving in, and it was confirmed in July that Love's Furniture would be taking over many former Art Van stores across the state. Love's was a victim of mismanagement and supply chain issues before all of us knew all too well what havoc supply chain interruptions can cause and closed within six months.

Next up, Value City Furniture.

Where is the new store?

The newest Value City Furniture will be located at 550 Ring Road in Portage, near Crossroads Mall, in the one-time Art Van Furniture showroom.

When is the grand opening?

The doors will be open Thursday, January 20.

Where is Value City Furniture based?

The family-owned company was started in a basement in Columbus, Ohio in the 1930s.

Who makes Value City Furniture?

American Signature is the parent company of Value City Furniture and the combined brands have 120+ stores in 19 states.

Is is made in America?

Yes. The main manufacturing facilities of American Signature are in North Carolina.

Will they be having a sale?

Bet on it.

h/t MLive

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