Van Andel Arena has scheduled their first in person concert for early 2022.

Normally when I talk about Van Andel Arena in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan, I'm talking about Metallica, Godsmack, Five Finger Death Punch, Kiss, Shinedown and so many more killer rock bands.

This time is is a little different, the reason is, because I'm gonna be talking about a country show for once. No I'm not excited that a country show is coming to town, but, I'm excited that there is a show coming to one of my most favorite venues in the entire country...and not because I live here either. I have seen shows all over this country in almost every major and medium market in the could say have a serious concert addiction.

What I love about Van Andel is the arena is not too big. You can be in the last row in the back corner of the top of the arena and you can still see and hear great. That is not the case for places like United Center in Chicago. The U.C. is so big you need binoculars to see the artist in a lot of places and it always doesn't sound the best in the upper levels as well.

Plus the city surrounding Van Andel has so much you can just walk over to and grab a bite to eat or grab a few beers while you wait for the the line to thin down.

One of my favorite things about Van Andel is the size of the artists that come to town like Kiss, Metallica, Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift, The Eagles and in 2022, the return of country giant Eric Church. These are artists that play much bigger venues everywhere they go so its special to see a mega artist in a mid-sized arena. The fans get such a great experience at Van Andel.

I have worked a lot of shows at Van Andel in the past few years and all the people who work there that I have come in contact with from security, to ushers, people selling merch, drinks and food, have all been great to deal with. I can't say that about some of the other bigger venues in Michigan alone not to mention others around the country.

So yeah, Eric Church is coming to Van Andel Arena for his brilliantly named Gather Again Tour on Wednesday January 21, 2022. The reason I am so excited about this show is...that means we should start announcing some big rock shows soon. Heck I might even get a ticket just to be around people again. Lol.

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