Magoo's gas station at the corner of M-40 and M-43 lost its longtime mascot, pet, and friend to many this week. Read what is believed to have happened here.

A rooster showed up at Magoo's gas station one day in October of 2016 and laid claim to some deer feed. He returned the next day and has been a staple at the gas station ever since. He was named Kevin by employees who even built him a shelter to live in. Kevin became a mascot to the station startling unknowing travelers and a welcome sight to regulars who looked forward to seeing him, even bringing him peanut butter cookies.

This week Kevin disappeared one day this week and tracks into the woods. It is believed he was taken by a predator.

Kevin was so famous, he was even featured on Fox 17 News in February 2017.

Kevin even had his own Facebook page that was set up by Station employee Michelle Brink. You can see more photos and videos of Kevin on his page.



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