A bill introduced in the Michigan House of Representatives would allow veterans to avoid fees associated with getting a concealed pistol license.

House Bill 5987, introduced Tuesday, would let veterans of the US Armed Force, Armed Forces Reserve, or Michigan National Guard apply for a concealed carry permit for free, waiving the $100 fee everyone else has to pay. Veterans could also avoid the $115 fee associated with renewing the permit.

The bill would not change the requirements one must satisfy before they become eligible to get a concealed pistol license, with one small exception; HB 5987 would remove language that makes you ineligible to get a CPL if you've been convicted in the past 8 years of carrying a switchblade.

This change appears to be a clerical one, since the possession of a switchblade was legalized in Michigan under a law signed by Governor Rick Snyder in October 2017.

The bill's primary sponsor is Republican Representative Michael McCready of the 40th District, and was co-sponsored by over a dozen others; most of them were fellow Republicans, but Democratic representatives Scott Dianda, John Chirkun, and Tom Cochran also co-sponsored.

The bill was referred to the House Judiciary committee.

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