Heading to Facebook to voice his dismay about a speeding motorcycle, one Partchment resident did more than paint a picture, he posted a video. According to the accompanying post, the man says, quote, "Every day this f*ck rides up and down Riverview drive!! 30pmh, kids, traffic and residential area. One day my recyclable Kirby might just fall in front of him"

Obviously there must be some truth to the man's claim that this happens on a daily basis, as he was poised and ready to film this 9-second video detailing the reckless motorcycle rider. Due to the helmet and other gear, the rider remains unknown, but that will probably change as more and more people share the video.

I'm not even going to focus on the wheelie. Lets move on to the bigger issue at hand. According to a release of Traffic Safety Facts, 400 children are killed every year by a vehicle, and another 240,000 are injured. These numbers could fall drastically if people obeyed speed limits in residential areas and kept distractions to a minimum.

As for the Parchment resident who predicts that his "recyclable Kirby might just fall in front of him," I think he can stop wishing for that to happen. I'm sure that the proper authorities, upon seeing this clip, will be waiting patiently for him to whiz on by next time.

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