What's creepier than a graveyard?
Well, lots of things.
But people have had such a fascination with cemeteries for centuries.

1) There are those who enjoy the serenity and take walks through graveyards for the peace and quiet.
2) Some hope to have some kind of paranormal experience.
3) Others hope to stumble across a little piece of local history.
4) Then there are the ones who enjoy reading the headstones for interesting epitaphs and sayings.
5) There are a good number of people who enjoy the serenity and beauty of a cemetery setting so much, that they have picnics, and even family reunions and gatherings amongst the plots.

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Yes, unfortunately there are vandals, litterbugs, and others who like to sit and get boozed up while leaning against a headstone.

It's nice to visit the ones you loved and cared about – family and friends – long after they're gone. It's sad, yes, but it also can evoke pleasant memories of the time you spent with them.

On the other side of the coin, there are a handful of people who completely shy away from cemeteries - whether it's superstition or just not wanting to think about their own mortality..

With more and more people deciding to be cremated, what's going to become of  cemeteries? No burials, no visitors. Who knows what it will be like by the year 2525? Soylent Green?

The gallery below shows thirty nine – all vintage – photos of Michigan cemeteries and graveyards; not for any other purpose than historical reasons, and to see how they appeared over 100 years ago.

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