Each year for the 4th Of July My wife and I spend time in Harbor Springs.  We decided to take a day trip and visit Ocqueoc Falls the largest falls in the lower peninsula.

I have heard about these falls before but never had the chance to seek them out.  I am glad we did because on our recent trip to the north the temperatures, like most of Michigan, were hot.

Ocqueoc Falls is located between Onaway and Rogers City, just off of M-68 in the northeastern part of the lower peninsula.

You could tell from the time we pulled in it was a popular place, as the parking lot was full and they were parking people on the road outside the park.

The falls are along the Ocqueoc river and the water is shallow enough that you can wade and swim in.   There were tons of people swimming when we were there.   My wife and I just walked in the river along the shore.  The photo featured is of one of the little falls along the river.

The falls is the main attraction but there are also trails along the river where you can hike and go mountain biking.  If you want to camp there is also a state campground across the street from the park.

The only thing to remember if you go is you need a state recreation passport to enter the falls park.

If you are ever in the area looking for something to do or a way to cool off it is worth stopping to spend some time in the falls.

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