Growing up in Florida, especially during my college years, the sight of that bright yellow sign reading, "Waffle House," immediately brings back memories of late night study sessions, laughs shared between the cast after our latest theater production (yes, I was a theater major) and, of course, piles of chocolate chip waffles.

Is it a place I miss? Not really. Did I think that the people of Kalamazoo would have such a strong reaction to someone suggesting a Waffle House needs to be in Kalamazoo? Also, no. But, here we are.

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On Reddit, there is a very simple post asking,

How can we get a Waffle House in Kalamazoo?

Since this is the first mention of Waffle House I've seen since leaving Florida I scrolled through the comment section thinking there would be people suggesting companies to call, petitions to sign, or whatever else would be necessary to possibly make this happen. I was wrong.

Instead, it seems the people of Kalamazoo are vehemently against the entire idea.

Here are a few highlights:

u/DavidB0wieUB40 commented: Kalamazoo has some fantastic breakfast spots and you want that?

u/TheIrishBAMF wrote: Is that like "Waf le ouse"? Or "W ffle Hou "? Or "Closed by health department"?

u/preparingtodie confessed: The worst waffles I've ever had were at Waffle House.

u/Rocket_AG had this helpful suggestion: Step one: make waffles. Step two: build house from said waffles, somewhere in Kalamazoo.

And u/maso3K simply said: Please no?

A few comments were in support of the idea of a "northern" Waffle House. But, they were far outweighed by those who were opposed.

Like one of the commenters pointed out, there are an abundance of local breakfast spots in town. Local spots that need our support after this hellish year. And, in my experience, the nostalgic memory of a restaurant (especially a chain that has been around for decades) is often 1000x better than the actual, realistic experience.

If you're a fan of the Waffle House, I'm sorry to say I don't think anyone will be franchising in our area anytime soon. The closet one, according to Waffle House's website, is in Ohio. And there's not a Michigander I've met that willingly wants to go to Ohio. Not even for smothered and covered hash browns. 😂

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