It’s safe to say that large grocery stores like Walmart and Meijer are completely different than they used to be before the pandemic. Although one of my favorite things to do was go shopping overnight because there were way fewer people in the store, I understand how it became critical to remove the 24-hour stamp on the stores to give employees time to recuperate through the day.

Out of all the changes that came to these stores Walmart has recently announced that there will be a new change to their stores, including all Michigan locations. They’re going to be offering sensory-friendly hours starting November 11th. So what does that mean?
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Walmart Adding Sensory Friendly Hours

The sensory-friendly hours will run between 8 AM and 10 PM and the retailer is saying that the stores will be less stimulating during those hours.

What Can Shoppers Expect During Sensory Friendly Hours?

According to Walmart, Walmart radio will be turned off during these hours, and the lights in the store will be dimmed in areas that are available and they will also be switching any televisions to static images. During the back-to-school season, they tested this out and had a lot of positive feedback as one store manager mentioned on their website:
Several associates expressed the desire to continue this program all year. We have associates with autism, ADHD, etc. in the store and one associate made the comment that this is the first time the company did something just for him. I know we could all use some calm during the stressful holiday season, so I hope this program can continue.

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