You're probably thinking this is just crazy talk.  I thought the same thing when the information was brought to my attention.  Is it an allergy issue?  Is it a carbon monoxide situation with lawn mowers?  No.  It's actually something I never would've thought of even though it could've affected me for a large part of my life.

According to an article on, grass clipping can actually pose a threat to motorcyclists and possibly result in death.  I used to ride on the street and this never dawned on me.  Apparently, a motorcycle rider in Illinois was killed when he encountered grass clippings in the road and went down as if it were ice.  Riders here in Kalamazoo are recommending the when mowing make the first couple of passes land on your property and not the road.  It may seem weird but now that we know it shouldn't be too hard to make that adjustment and, hopefully, road crews will get the message and follow suit.



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