If yours is like the McKelly household and you still have a land line, the phone seems to ring more often than it used to when it's not political season.  And now that it is, the phone seems to be ringing constantly.  What's worse, the robots have gotten our cell numbers making it harder to ignore the calls.  Fortunately, we can treat these unfamiliar numbers like we treat the familiar ones and let then ring and/or go to voicemail.

Unfortunately, the businesses in our area have to answer the phone and some of them are getting ticked off!  One obvious question is: What happened to the "Do Not Call List"?  We got on it and we're still getting calls.  And why isn't blocking the numbers making them stop?  According to an article on wnem.com, the FTC still wants us to report violations if the means we have don't work.  They assure us that investigations will proceed and violators are being prosecuted.  Get more tips by clicking HERE.


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