A shark attack in Lake Michigan in 1955? How is something like this even possible?

There's an old legend that claims a boy was bitten by a bull shark in Lake Michigan in 1955. That sounds impossible, right? While it's not impossible, most believe it's very unlikely. However, the story is still circulating and being talked about today.

67 years later and people still want to know where this story came from and whether or not it's true. It's kind of tough to answer since there's very little evidence and not many details.

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So, What's the Story?

There aren't a lot of details other than a boy named George Lawson was bitten on the right leg by a bull shark in Lake Michigan. They say the attack was unprovoked and non-fatal.

One thing I find strange is that there is a listing of every documented shark attack in recent history that was compiled by a non-profit called Shark Research Institute and it lists a shark attack in Lake Michigan in 1955.

The main reason I say this couldn't have happened is because the shark data documents say the incident took place on January 1, 1955, and Lawson was swimming. Swimming in Chicago in Lake Michigan in January? I don't think so.

Is It Possible That a Bull Shark Could End Up in Lake Michigan?

Is it possible? Yes. However, it's very unlikely. According to WBEZ, it is theoretically possible for a bull shark to swim to Lake Michigan if it could find a viable route.

Researchers say that bull sharks are notorious for entering freshwater but the water in Lake Michigan in January would be way too cold.

Was There Really a Shark Attack in Lake Michigan in 1955?

I don't know anything about anything but I'm going to say that this is nothing more than a myth. You can put this in the same category as Bigfoot and the Lochness Monster. Then again, I would believe Bigfoot and the Lochness Monster over a shark attack in Lake Michigan any day.

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