So I'm coming out of the store walking to my car in the parking lot to find a picture of Slash from Guns & Roses taped to my tire.  I had one of those moments when you can't quite put what you're seeing into any kind of context.  I was confused.  Then I gathered my thoughts and started to assess the situation.

Here was my thought process... Why would someone tape a picture of Slash to my tire?  I'm not that big of a fan!  Wait... Did someone recognize me on the way in?  Did they want to make a request for tomorrow's show?  Wait... Slash... tire... Slash tire... hahaha... that's funny!  So I started looking around for a fan or a friend but nothing.  Wait a minute... Slash tire!!!  Is someone threatening to slash my tires?  Are my Jokey Jokes that bad?  Wait... was it something I said?  Was it something I didn't say?

Anyway, I think I'll chalk it up to a prank.  Who's making copies of Slash in the off chance I show up.  Or maybe it's a conspiracy...

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