No clue if it had anything to do with the classic hockey comedy, "Slap Shot" celebrating it's 40th anniversary of release over the weekend, but lots of fighting involved in a AHL game between Chicago and Iowa Saturday.

According to NBC Sports, the fights happened in the game between the Chicago Wolves and Iowa Wild of the AHL.

As the game was winding down,  a line brawl broke out on ice.  A few of the players were sent off the ice where the brawling continued on the way to the locker rooms. The players had to be separated by arena staff.

70 penalty minutes were combined between the two teams.   You would think some suspensions and fines will come out of this mess.   It will also be interesting to see what happens as the teams are set to meet again this weekend.

Check out the footage of the melee below.  The fight begins at 4:12.


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