Well, the College Football Playoff has been announced for the 2023 season, and there was no doubt in anyone's mind that Michigan was getting in with a win over Iowa (which they handily did).

But after Alabama beat Georgia, there was some uncertainty as to who would get in at No. 4, and when the Michigan players found out who it was, they were left speechless.

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The College Football Playoff Committee made their decision just after noon on Sunday, and a few games determined the final decision. First off, Alabama beat the No. 1 ranked Georgia, which effectively knocked them out of contention for a CFP spot. As such, Conference champion (and undefeated) Michigan would move up.

Right behind them, Washington moves up to the No. 2 spot after winning the Final Pac-12 Title against Oregon (and going undefeated).

Then in the bottom two spots, it seemed like a no-brainer that the final two teams would be undefeated Florida State (also ACC Conference Champions), and Texas, who won the Big XII with only one loss.

However, Texas did have a deciding win over Alabama, which should automatically put them in over Alabama.

But the committee had different things in mind, and instead of undefeated, Power-5 Conference Champions Florida State, they chose one-loss Alabama to get in at the No. 4 spot.

The room is practically left speechless as they see Alabama's name come across the screen, knowing that they'll have to face the SEC Champs in the CFP Semifinal.

But I speculate, the silence, and sporadic gasps and claps, aren't because they'll have to play Alabama, but more SHOCK that FSU didn't get in.

Michigan isn't worried about whoever they play. Nobody can match their production this season. Yes, Florida State could have been a fairly easy semifinal game, given the Seminoles were on their third-string quarterback, and have been spotty throughout the season. But, they found ways to win, and the thought of being the team that ENDS that winning streak would rank high on Michigan's achievement list this season.

Instead, they're stuck playing the silver-spoon-fed SEC golden child, who always seems to find a way to weasel their way in.

Despite how anyone feels about it now, the committee has spoken, and your final four teams are Michigan, Washington, Texas, and Alabama. And make no mistakes, on New Year's Day, when Michigan plays Alabama in the Rose Bowl, there will be a whole Herd of Longhorns, and a Tribe of Seminoles shouting "HAIL" at their TVs.

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