Wait a minute...aren't we NOT supposed to see Santa?  Why the necessity to prove he was at your house?  What I want is proof that the delivery guy was at my house so I know if my packages got ripped off from my porch.  OK...I digress...In this day and age of instant gratification and validation, it would seem only natural that this request is being met.

According to simplemost.com, there's a website that will send you a pic of Nick to prove that he was in your house on Christmas Eve.  The sad thing is that the folks at Pew Research found that only 1 in 5 kids believe there is a Santa Claus.  The website is called "Capture The Magic" and the process is pretty simple as you might expect.  You take a picture of the living room or wherever you have the tree and presents, make sure the cookies & milk are out, etc and they'll superimpose the Jolly Elf.  To check it out just click HERE.


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