With lottery fever almost as intense as the frigid weather, I find myself, once again, daydreaming about what I would do with all that money.  Like many I would do a lot of the things that anyone would do, plus I would make sure I found as many secret ways to surprise worthy people with financial help.  Then I got to thinking about what I would buy in Kalamazoo and what I would do with it.

Here are my top 5...

1. Henderson Castle.  Spend as much as necessary to modernize it completely without losing it's historical charm and make it our Kalamazoo residence.

The Henderson Castle

2. Heritage Guitar.  Turn it into the Guitar Hall Of Fame with a hotel, restaurant and performance space.  Fly in the biggest names in Rock to play.

Heritage Guitar Factory 225 Parsons Street


3. Bronson Park.  Make it the new Festival Place by first removing the fountain and re-imagining the entire space with a huge stage and all the things necessary to have big events.

Google Maps

4. State Theater.  Like the castle, I would completely modernize it while maintaining it's historic integrity.  It's my favorite place to see a show and I would want to make sure it will always be available.

Google Maps Street View

5. West Lake Drive In.  I would try and acquire more land and build a new structure but most importantly, I would serve only Q-It-Up so there was at least one place to get it anytime we wanted.

Eric Meier/TSM