Plenty of people have been to South Haven's North and South beaches since the weather has been relatively summer-like so far.  the water may not be warm enough for most but at least we're getting out.

For the McKelly family, it's usually August for the extended stay and we found the perfect place to do that many years ago.  Notice how I'm not revealing the location?  By then the water is warm and the crowds have thinned a bit.

I can tell you that the secret location has a private beach so we might not have to deal with some of the new protocol as much as those on the public beaches.  Before the pandemic, things were always pretty loose but now the city of South Haven will be keeping a watchful eye on the proceedings.

I read a article that told of many people experiencing one of our favorite places to unwind as pretty much how they remembered it and not drastically different because of the pandemic.  Others, however tell a different story and that's why we're passing along the information.

There will be observance of CDC guidelines when it comes to social distancing and they will be paying closer attention to the usual rules like no alcohol & no dogs on the beach, swim between the buoys and no jumping off the pier.

Memorial Day was the litmus test and there were more than a few warnings given out and they are adhering to the "zero tolerance rule".  Unfortunately for some, the good old days are gone and this is part of the new normal.

As for the McKelly's, we're happy just to keep things cool and low key.

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