Hey Michigan.   What do you want for Christmas?   According to Treetopia, a holiday tree company, you want a Bluetooth Speaker.

A what, you ask?   Ok, most likely you already have one somewhere, but if you don’t, and have no idea what we’re talking about, it’s a wireless, powered speaker.   They use a radio frequency instead of wires, and they pick up a low power signal from things like a cell phone or smart TV.  And not only do they sound pretty good, they come in all kinds of sizes and shapes, including R2D2 or the death star from Star Wars or Mel the Minion. .

Mel the Minion Bluetooth Speaker(Photo by David Becker/Getty Images)
Mel the Minion Bluetooth Speaker(Photo by David Becker/Getty Images)

Treetopia wanted to get a better look at what might be under the trees this year. They conducted a national survey and gathered google trends data in order to determine the most desired holiday gifts in the U.S.

Here are the most popular gifts in each category according to the people in Michigan:

  • Top Entertainment Gift: Xbox Series X
  • Top Home Gift: Keurig 
  • Top Tech Gift: Bluetooth speaker
  • Top Beauty Gift: Flowerbomb perfume
  • Top Health Gift: Home gym equipment
  • Top Kid Gift: Singing Elsa Doll

The top-searched gift across the country was the Amazon Echo. Based on this, Treetopia decided to take a deeper look at the most popular kitchen and home gifts this year. According to Google Trends data, other popular home gifts included air fryers, and Ring doorbell cameras.  It’s hardly surprising that these gifts made the top of the list. With more Americans staying home due to social distancing, many would likely love a gift that makes quarantine life easier. These include kitchen appliances to shake-fry their food or a door camera for safety and peace of mind.

Nationwide, an iPhone is the top tech gift that people want to give or receive.   One in five persons put that at the top of the list, but Bluetooth speakers were a close second.   Apple Airpods and Apple watches are also big right now.

While the top health gift was home gym equipment (32%), Nike Sneakers were high on the list at 23% and Peloton was just under 12%.

What are people looking for in home entertainment?   The top three were Amazon Prime, Netflix, and PlayStation 5.

And the top Kids’ gift, at 26% was the old standby, Legos.  Other top toys of interest are Baby Toy Yoda, Mystery Machine, Nerf Blaster and Play-Doh.

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