The trailer park that looked haunted now is like a ghost town as all units have been removed from the Mattawan property, leaving us with an eerie feeling.

In October of 2017, we took you on a virtual tour of a ruined trailer park in Mattawan. No one knows the story, but many of the trailers had not only fallen into disrepair, but had been abandoned- seemingly with no regard for packing up personal belongings.

Almost immediately, authorities put up barricades around White Pines trailer park to keep meddling kids out. That didn't stop the urban explorers from Ruin Road from getting on the premises and giving us an incredibly creepy look inside a number of the abandoned dwellings. It was even worse than we imagined.

Now, all the trailers have been towed away and what was once White Pines trailer park is empty and...serene? Desolate? Haunted?

Bonus Video: Our First Trip Through the Abandoned White Pines Trailer Park In Mattawan

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