New Hall of Fame member Jack Morris had his number 47 retired by the Tigers over the Weekend.  Alan Trammell  will have his at the end of the month.  Now that their numbers are retired who could be the next player or players to join the list.

The two names that stand out for current players are Miguel Cabrera and former Tigers ace, Astros pitcher Justin Verlander.   Both players have had worthy careers and both could be retired by the Tigers in the future. They both could  be considered for the Hall of Fame as well.

Another name that has been mentioned for the Hall of Fame and for his number to be retired is Lou Whitaker.   Like Morris and Trammell, he never got the vote from the writers. His best bet to enter is for the Modern Era committee to elect him.

This year is the 50th anniversary of the 1968 championship team are there any players from that team, other than Al Kaline and Willie Horton, that you could see having their numbers retired?  Who do you think will be the next retired number or numbers for the Tigers?

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