It's a little early for softball season, but nonetheless, for some people, it's always on the mind. Many teams will begin reporting for regular practice late in the winter to prepare for the spring and summer seasons, but one person may have jumped the gun a bit, and gone a bit overboard.

Michigan State Police recently reported that they found more than 600 softballs in a very confusing twitter post, but also humorous. But WHY?!?

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State Police were near Taylor, Michigan recently and made the discovery of more than 600 softballs in a vehicle that they believed to be stolen. MSP Second District recently posted early on Monday morning to twitter...

|Have you gotten to your destination and noticed that the approximately 600 Softballs you started your trip with are now missing? Well, they are currently sitting at the Metro South Post at 12111 N. Telegraph Taylor. The post is located in front of the... softball field."

At the time of their discovery, they weren't sure who the balls belonged to, but posted the photos of all of the softballs inside of a vehicle. It's unclear if the balls were found IN the vehicle, or if they were loaded into the vehicle after being discovered. However, all of their posts seem to indicate there was no ulterior motive, or nefarious intent.

Thankfully, a few hours after the original post, MSP says they found the owner of the balls, but didn't provide any further explanation, beyond that.

But it is still odd. How did the State Police get involved in 600 missing softballs? Not that I'm a conspiracy theorist or anything, but like... this is strange, right?

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