We were all kinds of excited when we heard something new and exciting was going in where the TGI Friday's was.  Now as we drive by the W. Main and US 131 location, everything has come to a grinding halt.  And has for quit a while.  Most of all the other projects are moving forward or are complete as in the case of the Costco corner at Stadium & 131. Why is this one seemingly on hold?

As first reported by mlive, the project was called "The Gateway" a $100 million commercial development consisting of 3 hotels, 4 restaurants and a bunch of retail stores.  So far, all we see when we drive by is one unfinished hotel, what looks like the foundation for another one and several trailers and idle equipment.  I'm only guessing but I don't think there has been any activity on the site for about a year.  If anybody has any information or insight, we'd certainly like to know.  In the meantime, check out some of the other details by clicking HERE.

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